The New Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a Wonder of Technology

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz is a car manufacturer that has contributed to the industry by its success in bringing the most innovative and distinguished vehicles to the market. It has been successful in producing all kinds of vehicles, but it has been particularly successful in setting itself apart from its competitors with its line of midsize sedans, or the E-Class vehicles. These vehicles have been the flagship family vehicles for decades, providing the perfect example of how luxury sedans from Mercedes-Benz became timeless.

The Start of the E-Class

Even before its current line nomenclature, the W124 from back in the late 80’s was reintroduced in the mid 90’s after it had been carefully and thoroughly redesigned and revised by Mercedes-Benz engineering. That’s when it was christened the “E-Class”.

What the company was offering was a completely new concept, unseen before. This innovative vehicle set new standards in terms of comfort, safety, and environmental protection from the outside. The E had originally stood for the initial of the German word for fuel injection engine. The brand used it as a prefix rather than a suffix when they felt like it wasn’t necessary to feature anymore.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-class comprised of a revised high-strength steel structure, with lighter and sturdier characteristics than its predecessors. The rear suspension consisted of a multilink system, making it easier to ride and to direct the vehicle in its path, while the front integrated a new kind of anti-dive technology. The 300E had been completely revised and it had been renovated to fulfill the needs of those who needed space and comfort while also being reliable and safe. The E-Class lineup was amazingly varied, giving the car an unfailing characteristic of being versatile while at the same time, customizable.

Luxury Across History

Luxury had been embodied in the history of automobiles by showcasing huge interiors, heavy protective metal, and comfortable suspensions, which drove easily. Today, at Mercedes-Benz of the Woodlands, we find that luxury cars have been transformed into the kind of vehicle which have the best and most complete versions of the latest safety and performance features, while at the same time delivering luxurious finishes and elegant Mercedes-Benz touches. The competition with other car makes is fierce, but the mid-size luxury sedan has always featured the best kind of technology and functionality, which can help, deliver the best possible performance.

The New Mercedes-Benz

The new E-Class has been taken into the rough sketch drafts and materialized into a complete lifestyle philosophy of luxury and comfort in the shape of a car for the driver to sit behind its wheel. It has been completely transformed, and all its components have been studied for top performance. In the words of GordenWagener, head of design for the Daimler AG Company, “the wheels sit perfectly to create an incredible stance with a long hood and super sleek integrated surfaces.” The new model is the latest restatement of the sensual purity design language and the institution of Mercedes-Benz Style stands behind it.

Its sleek lines allow for the passengers to enjoy more interior space and comfort, while at the same time providing enhanced driving and more efficient fuel use by the reduced vehicle weight than the previous year.

It’s Not All About Looks

The new Mercedes-Benz offers a minimal 2.0 4-cylinder diesel or gasoline version of the sedan for the vehicle. This version generates 240 hp and is also able to go up to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds.

It also comes in the 3.0 V6 E 400 and the powerful 4.7 V8 E 550 versions. These have unique abilities, and they also showcase the world-class vehicle’s standard feature of lightweight, comfortable luxury. The chassis has an amazing high-grade steel composition, which showcases an ideal weight distribution. At the same time, it’s combined with a very precise digital steering system. The suspension system has been calibrated accurately to the size and weight distribution of the sedan.

The Semi-Autonomous Features

The most advanced version of the E-Class yet, this vehicle offers semi-autonomous technologies that have never been featured on other new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The car is able to communicate itself with other vehicles with the same technology on the road. They have been designed to perceive distances and speeds at which the other objects on the road are moving, in order to make automatic braking a reality and something that used to happen only on TV.

Safety features such as emitting “pink noise” through the audio system prior to an inevitable collision, making your ears prepared for the collision noise are designed and meant to protect your integrity as a passenger and as a driver. Another genius feature, which is the first of its kind in the market, is the PRESAFE® Impulse Side, which can help prepare you as a passenger for side impacts. Inflatable bags will move you away from any object, which had been detected entering the car, and reduce the impact you receive.

Vehicles of the same E-Class line will share information with each other in order to cause less traffic on the road, and avoid blocked or weather-beaten roads. This means that drivers will be able to drive by knowing what’s in the roadway ahead of time. Other semi-autonomous features such as lane-keeping and cruise control in the new, unparalleled DRIVE PILOT have been successfully piloted and are now being featured in the latest iteration of the E-Class.

With the greatest levels of automation achieved in the most technology, pioneering car makes, Partial Automation as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has been achieved, where at least two automated controls can be activated at the same time. In cities, traffic is never ending and the number of cars on the road is only rising every year at a surprising rate.

While we drive our cars today to communicate and to commute, the standards in car technology will be developing at a much higher rate in the next couple of years in such a way that it might change how we drive our cars, and that will give us more opportunities to save valuable time and energy.

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