8 Features That Make a Mercedes-Benz Perfect for Houston Traffic

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With dense urban areas and smaller suburban communities that both contain a complex network of minor roads, major thoroughfares and busy freeways, navigating through the Houston area can be challenging and difficult, especially during the morning and afternoon when the traffic is heavier.

By making use of advanced technology and safety systems, however, a Mercedes-Benz can make the drive much more relaxing and enjoyable. Here are a few of the features that make a Mercedes-Benz perfect for Houston traffic:

1) Powerful and Efficient Engines

Whether you are driving around city streets or hopping on the highway to get to your destination quicker, your vehicle needs plenty of performance to navigate the Houston traffic efficiently and safely. In thick, city traffic or quiet suburban neighborhoods, Mercedes-Benz engines offer great performance for stop-and-go driving, with high-performance cooling and air conditioning systems that keep both the engine and the occupants comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. And with features like aluminum blocks and pistons, stop-start technology and turbocharging, Mercedes-Benz vehicles offer industry-leading fuel economy that makes driving in heavy traffic less costly and more efficient.

On the freeway, the extra performance offered by a Mercedes-Benz engine allows the driver to accelerate quickly and merge easily with highway traffic, reducing the potential for accidents. The extra power also makes it easy to pass slower-moving vehicles and to keep up with the natural flow of traffic, when necessary. Advanced transmissions with multiple speeds and dual or multiple-clutch configurations allow that power to be applied effortlessly in all driving conditions.

2) Electronic Stability Control

During inclement weather or heavy traffic, keeping the vehicle under control at all times is critical to the safety of the occupants. The Mercedes-Benz Electronic Stability Program is standard on most models, and uses a network of sensors, computers and other equipment to dynamically adjust the power of the engine and the braking forces at each wheel to keep the vehicle stable in difficult situations. It can prevent wheel spin on wet or icy roads, and automatically correct for oversteer or understeer during emergency maneuvers. This keeps the vehicle and its occupants safer during everyday driving and prevents accidents. It is a load-adaptive system that can automatically adjust to the number of occupants and the amount of cargo that is being carried, making it more responsive than less intelligent systems.

3) Blind Spot Monitoring

Most vehicles have significant blind spots between the rear view and side mirrors, and depending on the design, body components such as rear pillars may make these bind spots worse. Eliminating all blind spots is nearly impossible, but with systems such as the Blind Spot Assist feature offered by Mercedes-Benz, their negative impact on safety can be significantly reduced. This optional system uses a network of sensors and other components to detect vehicles that are located in the diver’s blind spot during lane changes and turns. It then uses mirror-mounted indicators to alert the driver that a vehicle is present, preventing unnecessary accidents.

4) Lane Keeping Assist

On long highways, especially after dark, it is easy to drift out of the lane if the driver is not paying full attention to the road. This can create a dangerous situation not only for the driver, but also for the other vehicles on the road. The optional Lane Keeping Assist feature offered by Mercedes-Benz uses optical sensors to monitor lane markers and warns the driver if the vehicle begins to drift out of the proper lane. This prevents accidents and keeps the occupants of the vehicle safer.

5) Attention Assist

On long drives, especially after nightfall, a lack of sleep and the hypnotic quality of the lane markers on long stretches of highway can induce drowsiness or cause the driver to be less attentive to road conditions. Inattentive or drowsy driving is a major cause of accidents in the United States, and most of them can be easily avoided. The Attention Assist feature that is standard on many Merceds-Benz vehicles can monitor the driving habits of the operator, and automatically detect abnormalities. When the system finds a problem, it will issue an alert to the driver and suggest that it is time to take a break. This system can help the driver stay more alert and prevent unnecessary accidents.

6) Collision Prevention

One of the most common types of accidents in heavy traffic is a rear-end collision. This can be caused when a vehicle in front of the driver suddenly stops, giving the driver little time to maneuver, or it can happen if the driver is distracted and has not noticed that the vehicle ahead has slowed. To prevent these types of accidents, Mercedes-Benz offers an optional Collision Prevention Assist feature, which uses optical and radio-frequency sensors to monitor traffic in front of the vehicle. If it detects an obstacle, and determines that a collision is imminent, it will increase power to the brakes and alert the driver to the problem. This allows the driver to stop quicker in the event of an emergency, and prevents unnecessary accidents.

7) Rear View Cameras

When putting a vehicle into reverse, often, mirrors alone are not enough to accurately see what is behind you, and body components may prevent an unobstructed view if you look over your shoulder. This leads to a large blind spot behind the vehicle, and with taller vehicles, like SUVs, the blind spot is large enough to hide children, pets or other obstacles. By combining an interior monitor with one or more rear-facing cameras, the optional Mercedes-Benz rear view camera system can make it much easier to safely back your vehicle out of driveways and parking spaces, preventing accidents and injuries.

8) Parking Assist

Parking on busy city streets can be difficult in the best of conditions. The optional Parktronic system from Mercedes-Benz can monitor your vehicle as you maneuver into tight parking spots, warning you if you get too close to other vehicles or objects. This can prevent damage to your vehicle, as well as damage to other vehicles or property, and the associated financial costs.

These are just a few of the many features that make a Mercedes-Benz comfortable and convenient to drive in the busy Houston area. Other features include luxury interiors that keep you and your occupants comfortable, navigation systems that make getting to your destination easy, and entertainment systems that make the journey enjoyable.




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