Top 10 Best Accessories for your Mercedes-Benz

August 16th, 2018 by

Top 10 Best Accessories for your Mercedes-Benz

When purchasing a Mercedes-Benz, there is a multitude of options to accessorize your vehicle. However, these upgrades can quickly add up. Therefore, one way to attain your favorite accessories is to have them installed gradually, one by one. These accessories will not only earn you bragging rights, but will also reflect the strong bond that you share with your vehicle’s brand.

Without further ado, here’s a list of top 10 best accessories for your Mercedes-Benz.

10. Bicycle Rack

Mercedes-Benz Accessories - Mercedes-Benz Bicycle Rack

This feature is perfect for the cycling lovers out there. You can attach the bicycle rack to the rooftop of your Mercedes-Benz and take your car to your favorite cycling spot. However, the basic prerequisite this accessory requires is a roof rack basic carrier which you can obtain at our Mercedes-Benz of the woodlands dealership. We also carry the option of a ski and snowboard rack on the roof if you’re a fan of ski trips.


9. Mercedes-Benz Clothing

Mercedes-Benz Clothing

The three-pointed star hat is a classic, especially in black and white colour with the 3D logo. It protects against sun, rain, and wind but also turns heads as people admire its aesthetics. Another personal favourite is the polo shirt with the logo.  


8. iCarsoft Multi-system Scanner i980

iCarsoft Multi-system Scanner i980 for Mercedes-Benz

The iCarsoft Multi-system Scanner i980 exists for the car enthusiasts looking for performance and efficiency maximization. It’s a tool to communicate with all the integral systems of the car like the brakes, electronics, engine and transmission module, SRS airbags etc.


7. Mud Flaps & Floor Mats

Mercedes-Benz Mud Flaps and Floor Mats

The combination of these accessories protects your Mercedes-Benz from mud, snow, and water. The mud flaps shield the underside of your car from roadside mud debris and water spray, while the rubber floor mats help in keeping the carpeting of the car in superior condition. The floor mats are easy to wash and are available in pairs for front and rear footwells.

6. Car Cover

Mercedes-Benz Car Cover

Why hide your beautiful automobile under the cover when you can show it off by attaching a car cover with the logo. There is again the added benefit of protection from rain, sun, and wind in case the car is parked outdoors.   


5. Wheel Upgrades

Mercedes-Benz Wheel Upgrades

Incorporating an exquisite centrepiece to the wheels of your Mercedes-Benz in the form of wheel hub inserts will signify your brand loyalty. The inserts carry an iconic three-pointed star design. You can also personalize your wheel by installing a tire valve stem and wheel locks.


4. License Plate Frame & Bolts

Mercedes-Benz License Plate Frame & Bolts
The option of aligning the license plate frame with the outdoor appearance of your car is a beautiful accessory to have. The buyer has the option to buy a license plate frame with or without a background. Some of the most popular frame styles at our dealership include Mercedes-Benz and AMG® frames.

You can take the customized license plate frame to a whole new level by opting for chrome bolt screws for license plate frame with the Mercedes-Benz on them.


3. Cargo Upgrades

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Back Seat Upgrades

If your car boot is used regularly, then these accessories are integral for the protection and maximum utility of the storage space. The load sill protector prevents scratches on itself as well as the rear bumper. Moreover, the option of a collapsible shopping crate for daily groceries is extremely useful. Finally, the cargo net guards any fragile items in the boot of your car stationery.    


2. Back Seat Upgrades

Mercedes-Benz Back Seat Upgrades

The person sitting in the front seat basks in the lavish view and has a monopoly over all the controls. Meanwhile, the back-seaters have little to no superiorities. This is where the backseat upgrades come into play. The first accessory to install is the base support, the foundation for multiple types of accessories that can be installed. The most popular is the iPad mount, followed by a folding table and universal hook.      


1. Door Light Courtesy Projector

Mercedes-Benz Door Light Courtesy Projector

There are few cool things that the three-pointed star logo of Mercedes-Benz projects on the floor when the door is opened. It is a replacement to the conventional door lights installed at the bottom. The projector is based upon LED technology, which consumes low power and may not require power from the car.