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Everything just as you like it

Simply use the Personalization function so everything in your vehicle is set to your preference. You can use it to add your individual profile to store preferred vehicle settings (depending on model availability) such as color settings for the ambient lighting. You can store these personal settings in your vehicle under “Settings” and use them any time.

Remote Vehicle Finder

Let your Mercedes-Benz light up the way

It’s a familiar predicament: in the dark it can often be impossible to find where you parked your vehicle. The simplest solution: save yourself the trouble of a long search for your vehicle and have your Mercedes-Benz guide you there instead. Simply activate the standing lights or horn of your vehicle using the Mercedes me connect App. Your vehicle will remain locked as you make your way to it. Time-consuming searches for your vehicle are a thing of the past.

Theft Notification and Parking Damage Detection

No more unpleasant surprises

A smartphone notification informs you in real time should your vehicle be moved or disturbed. In addition, the Mercedes me connect App shows the cause of the alarm as well as the level, place and time of the damage. When potential parking damage is detected, you will also see this information on the multimedia display when you enter the vehicle.This feature is not available on every model, please refer to the Overview of Services.

Weather forecast

Be prepared for any weather, wherever you go

MBUX “Weather forecast” shows current weather information and forecasts on the media display. You choose the locations for which weather data is displayed – your current location, your destination and any other location of your choice.

Local Search

Navigate straight to points of interest at any location

How do you get to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Your Mercedes knows the way to all the must-see attractions on your city break. You start the Local Search by voice command …”Hey Mercedes, take me to the Golden Gate Bridge” or by entering information via the central controls. Save your search results or start your navigation system right away. This way, you can find any point of interest with ease

Valet Protect

Keep tabs on your Mercedes-Benz

Valet Protect lets you keep an eye on all your vehicle’s movements while you’re away. You will receive a notification whenever the ignition is switched on or whenever your vehicle is moved away from its parking space.

Live Traffic Information

Finds the fastest route to your destination

Live Traffic Information makes precisely this possible: Your route is modified automatically by reference to current traffic information, and you can continue your journey on less congested roads. Your arrival time is updated dynamically so that you know exactly when you will reach your destination. You stay on the move and can make the best possible use of your valuable time.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Although you cannot keep an eye on your Mercedes-Benz at all times, you can rest assured that the necessary steps will be taken as soon as possible in the event of theft. Our third-party provider provides vehicle directly to police. As a result, the investigations may start immediately which can increase the potential of retrieving your vehicle.

Your advantages at a glance

Stolen Vehicle Assistance gives the customer a safe and streamlined way to assist local law enforcement officials in locating and potentially recovering stolen vehicles. After filing a police report on a stolen vehicle, the customer contacts the Customer Assistance Center with the police report case number and some additional details. Stolen Vehicle Assistance helps authorities locate stolen vehicles more quickly, which increases the chance of a successful recovery.

Remote Door Lock & Unlock

Everything safely in view

If you forgot to lock your Mercedes-Benz, you can use the Mercedes me connect app to do so remotely. If you ever lock yourself out of your vehicle or fellow travelers arrive at the vehicle before you, you can also unlock the doors conveniently through the app. Please note the vehicle must be located in an area with mobile network coverage.

Car-to-X Communication

Safe and anticipatory driving with the aid of information from the connected network

On a trip in the mountains you’re suddenly confronted with an icy patch around a bend and only just avoid skidding out of control. Thanks to Car-to-X Communication you can see such hazards coming and react in time. Vehicles equipped with this technology communicate with each other, so that information is relayed to your vehicle and you, in turn, also keep other drivers informed. You are warned by a marking on the navigation map and, where appropriate, by a spoken announcement. This way, you reach your destination safely, and without any unpleasant surprises.

Online Map Update

Always on track with the latest map data

You can conveniently update your maps via mobile communication or download from the Mercedes me connect Portal. In this way, you can always be sure that you will reach your destination via the best route without having to make an appointment at your local dealership.

Your advantages at a glance

The Online Map Update also makes updating the map data simpler because a visit to the workshop is no longer required. All you need is a Mercedes me connect user account and a connect capable vehicle. Then select a map region on the Mercedes me connect Portal and the navigation map data will be updated automatically via mobile communication. You can also update your maps manually, by conveniently downloading the required maps via the Mercedes me connect Portal and installing it in the vehicle. Please turn on the ignition to do so.

Parking for Navigation

Takes you directly to the next parking space

Find a suitable parking space through your vehicle – either in a parking lot, parking garage or on the street. You can even reserve parking spots ahead of time at select parking garages. Also reserve a parking space through your vehicle’s MBUX or Mercedes me connect app.

Online Music

Stream your favorite music in your Mercedes-Benz

If you’re serious about music, you’ll enjoy virtually endless play from numerous online music services seamlessly integrated into the familiar environment of Mercedes-Benz. Services such as Apple Music®, Spotify, TIDAL and Amazon Music can be accessed via the intuitive MBUX Voice Assistant, along with the music on your linked smartphone or other mobile device. You can stream via your own phone’s data plan, or sign up for In-car WiFi. Thanks to streaming, your favorite songs are always available – now directly via the MBUX multimedia system. “Hey Mercedes, play the latest hits!”

*To use the service, a corresponding active account with the respective streaming provider must be available. Apple Music® only available on select models.

Remote Engine Start

Open the door to a feel-good climate

Whether on cold winter days or in the middle of a heatwave: your Mercedes-Benz will welcome you with a pleasantly climatized interior the moment you get in. Start your vehicle via the Mercedes me connect App. From this moment on, the engine runs for ten minutes to bring the interior to the desired temperature.

Your advantages at a glance

Start your vehicle’s engine by Mercedes me connect App. Your vehicle’s interior will then be cooled or heated for ten minutes. The Mercedes me connect App shows you the remaining run time and the current temperature inside the vehicle. You can also use the app to switch off the engine manually before the run time comes to an end. You will be informed of all events during Remote Engine Start by push notification, email or text message. During Remote Engine Start your vehicle remains firmly locked and the anti-theft protection system is active.

Internet Radio

Radio stations and podcasts from around the world in your Mercedes-Benz

Good music makes every journey more enjoyable. All the more so when it suits your taste exactly. Whether pop, hip hop, or the hits of the 80s: your Mercedes-Benz offers access to thousands of global radio stations and podcasts*. Select your program based on stations, music genres, categories such as sports or talk, languages, and save your favorites. The latest generation of MBUX fulfills your music wishes with a simple announcement: “Hey Mercedes, play Classic Rock!”

*Depending on the generation of your multimedia system, data volume must be available via In-Car WiFi or, where possible, your own data volume will need to be used via tethering.


Turn your Mercedes-Benz into a mobile gaming console

Are you stopping to recharge, or would you like to kill time while waiting? A selection of Mini Games have been developed specifically for the touchscreens in your vehicle. While the vehicle is parked, play on your own and beat your highest score, or measure yourself against other vehicle occupants on one screen. For safety reasons it is only possible to play on the displays in the backseats when the vehicle is in motion. TETRIS® is available exclusively for the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Depending on the individual equipment configuration of your Mercedes-Benz, the available categories and their features (Sound Experience, Mini Games, DIGITAL LIGHT Projection Animations) may change at any time during the contractual period.


Experience this classic game in a new environment

A game of TETRIS® is always fun – this classic has been fascinating players for decades. But you have never seen gameplay like this: play either with the touchscreen or a virtual game pad directly in your Mercedes-Benz. The ultra-mode with its fast rounds is perfect for short breaks.

TETRIS® is available exclusively for the Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan and only in conjunction with Mini Games. The available Mini Games may change at any time during the contractual period.

Depending on the individual equipment configuration of your Mercedes-Benz, the available categories and their features (Sound Experience, Mini Games, DIGITAL LIGHT Projection Animations) may change at any time during the contractual period.


Set your own boundaries

A notification is sent to your mobile device if your vehicle enters or leaves an area that you have predefined.

Sound Experience

Lends your Mercedes-Benz an unmistakable acoustic character

Your Mercedes-Benz has its own character – and its unique sound underscores its individuality. Enhance the standard sounds for an impression that is even more personal with individual sounds. The selected sounds accompany your journey with special driving noises, and accentuate the interaction with your vehicle.

For the “Sound Experience” service the “Burmester® 3D surround sound system” (810) must be available in the vehicle.

Depending on the individual equipment configuration of your Mercedes-Benz, the available categories and their features (Sound Experience, Mini Games, DIGITAL LIGHT Projection Animations) may change at any time during the contractual period.


Light up the uniqueness of your Mercedes-Benz

Digital intelligence communicating with you: DIGITAL LIGHT technology projects visual alerts into the driver’s view. To supplement the projections which come equipped from the factory, the DIGITAL LIGHT Animations offer additional projection(s) that can give your Mercedes-Benz a truly individual look, and showcase opening and locking the doors in a remarkable way. DIGITAL LIGHT acts as a welcome light to greet the driver with a light show from the headlamps when the vehicle is unlocked, and bids farewell when it is locked. Activate an additional light show like this for your specific vehicle model. (Separate light scenarios are available for each of the brands: Mercedes-EQ, Mercedes-AMG® and Mercedes-Benz).

The available animations may change at any time during the contractual period.
Depending on the individual equipment configuration of your Mercedes-Benz, the available categories and their features (Sound Experience, Mini Games, DIGITAL LIGHT Animations) may change at any time during the contractual period.

Augmented Radio

Radio enjoyment with extras for music fans

Who’s singing that great song that’s playing on the radio right now? Your Mercedes-Benz will tell you, even if the track is not announced, as it recognizes and shows artists and titles.

Weather map

See the weather coming

Get ready for the weather at your destination even during the trip – the Weather map service shows you on the map where it’s currently sunny, cloudy or raining. Then just tap on the respective weather symbol for further information about the forecast for that area.

Radio Service Following

Continue listening without interruption – even outside the station coverage area

An exciting report is currently running and you are dying to know what happens next. Thanks to the Radio Service Following, you can listen to the same station for as long as you like, even on long journeys through different transmission areas. Even if radio reception should be lost from time to time, the broadcast will continue.

*Depending on the generation of your multimedia system, data volume must be available via In-Car WiFi or, where possible, your own data volume will need to be used via tethering.

Vehicle Tracker

Locate your vehicle anytime, anywhere

Your Mercedes-Benz is a significant investment, so it’s understandable that you’d want to know where it is at all times. Using the Mercedes me connect App, you can pinpoint the location of your vehicle by using the Vehicle Tracker feature. It works by obtaining the vehicle’s geo-coordinates via the GPS.

Vehicle Locator

Back to the parked vehicle

An unfamiliar city, winding streets – and where on earth did you park earlier? Your smartphone has the answer. It can locate your parked vehicle within a radius of 1 mile and show you the way back to it.

Global Search

A search function that thinks beyond the actual search

While you’re on the road and looking for a place to eat, your Mercedes-Benz goes beyond finding a restaurant. When you find a perfect spot for dinner, you can start your route navigation (if equipped) or call ahead and reserve a table, all directly from the Search results. So now you have everything planned for the evening. You just need to decide what to eat.

You start your search, as usual. The list of results is enriched with intelligent suggestions relevant to your search. Depending on your search, these suggestions can be making a phone call, loading a route in the navigation system (if equipped) or playing a song. This way, you proceed directly from the search to the next step, without having to switch between apps or functions.

Online Routing

Real-time data for the best route

Many ways lead to your destination. Your Mercedes-Benz knows the best way to get there. For this purpose, the navigation system is provided with real-time traffic data. Should the prevailing conditions alter and a different route become a faster option, alternative routes will display directly in the Mercedes-Benz navigation system. You can choose a different route either by simply selecting it in the navigation system or by driving directly along the new route in order to activate it in the system.

Satellite images

More details for more clarity

You would like to know in advance what to expect at your destination. Does the nearest rest area have nice surroundings? Where exactly is the entrance to the hotel parking lot? At which building entrance is the best parking spot for an upcoming appointment? A look at the navigation map will display this information.

To use the Satellite images, simply set the appropriate icon in the navigation settings. The Satellite view will then be superimposed on the standard navigation map. To explore new landscapes, towns or cities from above, you can also move around the map as you please.

Discover additional Digital Extras


Acceleration Increase

Digital Extra
Accelerate more powerfully: increase the torque and maximum output of your Mercedes-EQ.


Digital Extra
Experience conditionally automated driving with DRIVE PILOT, only by Mercedes-Benz. DRIVE PILOT can change your freeway traffic jam experience. Using a multitude of hyper-advanced sensors, the technology can take over the dynamic driving task when conditions allow, giving you back time to relax or do other activities. On payment you agree to the DRIVE PILOT Terms of Use and confirm that you have read them.


on-demand feature
Unique footage: Film parts of your trip directly using the technology in your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes me Charge

Digital Extra
Mercedes me Charge enables access to one of the largest integrated charging networks nationwide. With ChargePoint®, EVgo® and Electrify America® integrated into a single platform, streamlining payment and charging session activation has never been easier. Since Mercedes me Charge integrates into the Mercedes me connect app, you will never need to download or register for other charging provider apps.


on-demand feature
Your personal racing engineer: measure your performance and move up a gear.

Beginner Driver and Valet Service Mode

Includes 2 Digital Extras
Driving modes with reduced acceleration characteristics: Leave your Mercedes-Benz wisely in the hands of other drivers.

Traffic Sign Assist

Digital Extra
Keep an eye on posted speed limits. This assistant can use camera images and map data to help recognize what you need to pay attention to – and display it in MBUX.

Standard Services

The essential digital equipment for your Mercedes – AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE.

Vehicle Status
Conveniently shows you important vehicle data and the due date for the next service via your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Mercedes-Benz emergency call system
Automatically initiates an emergency call in the event of an accident and connects you to the Mercedes-Benz emergency call center.

Accident Recovery
Help at the touch of a button: contacts the Customer Assistance Center after an emergency call for fast and effective support.

Service Management
Helps to plan better: keeps an overview of upcoming maintenance work and supports you in booking appointments.

Accident & Breakdown Mgmt
Help at the touch of a button: contacts the Customer Assistance Center after an emergency call for fast and effective support.

Breakdown Management
Help at the touch of a button: contacts the Customer Assistance Center in the event of a breakdown, which will find the nearest Service Partner for you.

Make precautions easily: informs you at an early stage if worn parts should be replaced.
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